Do you intend to develop your brand?

The Internet is like a living organism, it is constantly growing and developing. You dress in clothes, your page in graphic design. How often do you buy fashionable clothes? Your website would also like to look trendy. So if you are going to dynamically develop your brand and follow internet fashion, you will change its appearance at least once in a while. Why? For a very simple reason: when you go to a business meeting, you try to look professional and choose the proper clothes, right? Your website has business meetings every day, every time when an Internet user reaches it. That’s why you have to look after appearance of your website.

My portfolio of websites


If you are visiting my website, it means you want to have your own. Surely you realize that websites can be very different. There are very complex websites, such as web portals and there are also small hobby sites with several subpages.

Content Management System (CMS)

The main task of the CMS platform is to separate the content of the website from its appearance. Thanks to this we are talking about dynamic websites (whose content is generated dynamically). The main advantage of CMS is the ease of making changes on the website. The process of updating content or adding new content is extremely simple – after logging into a special administrative panel (back-end), the work takes place in an application that resembles an ordinary text editor, for example, Microsoft Word. Through the administration panel, you can edit existing content on the website, and add new one. You can also illustrate the content easily with photos. It’s very easy to create photo galleries as well. It is worth emphasizing that in a very simple way you can change the design of the page, because the appearance of the page depends on the template. The template is a designed and coded look of the website along with the layout of elements such as individual modules, columns, menus, etc.
From now on you can decide about the appearance of your website and you can manage it on your own!