Izabela Zmudzinska

Izabela Zmudzinska

Driven by imagination freelance graphic designer based in London

I am a freelance graphic designer, proficient in various types of design work. Inspired by human insight, I adhere to the principle of simplicity. I've gained over 20 years experience within the design industry and developed considerable experience in graphic and web design, imposition, pre-press and colour management. My projects very often refer to The Theory of Five Elements and to Feng Shui. Quantum physics, sacred geometry and music fascinate me a lot. I love to be immersed in the world of colours, where I experience many interesting adventures.

Graphic design is my passion

My offer is addressed to clients that see the need for a professional, creative approach to the creation of their own image. By creating a visual identification, I implement entire systems - from the logo design, through business cards, letterhead, stamps, calendars, leaflets, posters, catalogues, photographs, postcards and other advertising gadgets, to websites. Let me take care of you. If you have any questions or want to order a project, please contact me. I cordially invite you to cooperation.

Trust the professional graphic designer

30 years ago, computer graphics were a narrow specialization. Its current popularity is associated with the rapid development of the computer industry. Powerful graphical tools that have been delivered to the market, for example by Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) have caused the situation where a good computer graphic can translate all sorts of ideas into a "digital language". I poses over 10 years of experience in the field of computer graphics. Experience together with creative fantasy allow me to freely implement ideas that are born in my imagination. I am an enthusiastic professional, and the world of colours has no secrets for me. Creative work is for me a unique adventure, which I experience with each project from scratch, each time differently.

The customer buys through eyes. How does computer graphics help sell your offer?

You probably know that a coherent and attractive brand identity system is an important element of building positive relationships with clients. Attractive logo, well-designed leaflet, banner, poster, website sell with great efficiency. Large corporations know this, and they spend quite a lot of money on sophisticated "packages" of their products.

The key to the success

Do you have a great product or an excellent service to offer? Whatever your offer is, you need to give it the right graphic design, create your company's, service's or product's brand. In the era of omnipresent advertising, computer graphics become a kind of art in the "digital world of visualization". To commit this art, knowledge of graphic programs is not enough. The main thing is the imagination, knowledge of the rules and "that something", which will make the project prepared for you outstanding. A good graphic design must be well-conceived, it can not be accidental.