business cards

A business card is also an advertisement

A business card is a very important several square inches of paper. It is present at times of making contacts. The business card is a manifestation of courtesy and respect, at the same time it can also fulfill advertising functions. It is assumed that the business card first appeared in China in the third century, where officials were obliged by a special decree to own it. Prepared on handmade paper, it contained the name and surname of its owner, as well as the held position.

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Why is a business card important?

It is very important to leave a good impression when establishing contacts with clients. A professionally designed and printed business card will show you as a representative of a reliable company that is an honest and serious partner in business.

Fine feathers make fine birds

Fine feathers
make fine birds

A simple form is the basis of a well-designed business card. A small area filled with unnecessary information does not look good and you have to realize this. Make sure that your business card is designed by a professional. Such a person must know what fonts to use, what interline for text, kerning between characters, how to align text and other elements, how to balance these elements. Only a business card designed according to the “rules of art” can make a good impression and show you or your company from the good side.
Take extra care of finishing your business card, that is the paper on which it is printed – let it be elegant. If you think that a business card designed “quickly in Microsoft Word” and printed on an office ink jet printer will raise your company’s image in the eyes of your clients, you are wrong.