Do you need an effective advertising? Order a leaflet!

Leaflet is a great marketing tool. It is the most widespread form of printed advertising. Well designed gives great results.

What should you do to make sure your leaflet does not land in the bin?

Think about how many leaflets a day you have contact with? All you have to do is go to the shopping store, go through the city, or look into the mailbox. Leaflets are everywhere. You usually throw most of them away without even reading. Why? Because they did not interest you. What does this mean exactly? They were badly designed. Creating a good leaflet is a job for a copywriter and graphic designer. The copywriter knows exactly what to write and how to write it to arouse interest, that is, create content. The graphic designer, however, can visualize this content, arrange it appropriately and present it properly.

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An effective leaflet

An effective leaflet is one that can attract attention. What attracts attention? It can be a good slogan, unusual graphics, appropriate color or shape - there are many prescriptions for it. Whichever method of attracting the attention of the recipient is chosen, the guiding principle is simplicity and brevity. An effective leaflet is not filled to the brim with content, it contains the most important information. You can always ask for details by phone or email.
The "technical quality", that is the paper on which it was printed, the clarity of print and the saturation of colors, is also important for the effectiveness of the leaflet.